Arijeet Deb Roy


Ambli Gam's Model for Rurban Development

This report presents a comprehensive study on the redevelopment potential of urban villages in Ahmedabad, with a particular focus on Ambli Gam and surrounding areas. Urban villages, often overlooked in urban development discourse, possess unique attributes that can contribute significantly to the economic and social fabric of cities. However, they face challenges such as poor planning, social inequality, and loss of cultural identity. Through an analysis of key findings from research papers and on-the-ground observations, this report highlights the economic activities, morphology, and drivers of urban village redevelopment in Ahmedabad. The report proposes a strategic vision for the revitalization of Ambli Gam, utilizing a three-stage toolkit that emphasizes the preservation of cultural identity, programming of open spaces, and edge development strategies. Detailed regulations and financial considerations are outlined to ensure the successful implementation of the proposed redevelopment plan. By adopting a holistic approach that integrates economic, social, and cultural considerations, this report advocates for the creation of vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable communities that thrive amidst the challenges of urbanization.

Report Content

Urban Villages in Ahmedabad

Site Response to development

Individual proposal

Edge Development Scenario 1

Form Development

Development Zone Regulations

Development Zone Regulations

TDR and AMC Open Space Integration

Edge character

Phasing and Financial Overview