Akshat Pandey


Ambli Village Insert

The transformation of Ambli Gam, located in the western part of Ahmedabad, shows how people can adapt as cities develop very quickly. Overly restrictive rules have caused this village to be stuck while everything around it grows fast in all directions. The disappearing uniqueness exposes the need for immediate action. Within it there is a wealth of architectural history which has been abandoned and considered unsafe. The plan is designed around revealing this unknown richness thereby turning Ambli Gam into an active city symbol that represents Ahmedabad’s soul. Accessibility and renewal take center stage in this intervention thus creating a new beginning for the entirety of Ambli Gam. This will be achieved through among others things making public spaces better connected and establishing cultural centers as well as skill development institutions that are necessary for any society to thrive; my expectation is that these changes act like waves which bring about success everywhere they touch while also promoting unity among people. The project navigates through numerous regulations with an aim of coming up with an urban environment where tradition seamlessly merges with modernity. Phases are used so as to ensure that everything stays within its limits until completion while at the same time having a detailed financial strategy which guarantees ongoing sustainability.

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Site analysis

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Ideation and Process

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