Enhancing the Edge of Navrangpura Gam

The project seeks to revitalize the edge of Navrangpura Gam into a lively, transit-friendly public space by capitalizing on its unique spatial characteristics, diverse built environment, and existing transit infrastructure. Through strategic planning and design interventions, the objective is to improve connectivity, activate public spaces, and foster mixed-use development, ultimately transforming Navrangpura Gam into a vibrant Transit Centric Village.

Report Content

Introduction to Navrangpura Gam

Vision, Objective and Structure Plan of Gam

Understanding the Edge of Navrangpura Gam

Vision, Objective and Study of Edge

Spatial Strategies to Transform the Edge

Phases of Project

Masterplan of Transformed Edge

View: Corner Connectivity: Illustrating vibrant corner interactions and an entrance gateway

View: Central Gateway: Transformed main entrance of the gamtal

View: Reviving edge corner of gamtal into a pedestrian island