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Vidhi Kapil Doshi


In-Fusing Edges | Reprogramming Institutional lands

The studio explores the phenomenon of urban villages and understands their evolution under the pressures of urbanization. It assesses the spatial as well as connectivity parameters to better understand the context of Memnagar Gam. The intervention "Infusing Edges" focuses on the need for reprogramming the institutional lands to get more lands under the public domain, thus facilitating a high influx of youth as well as city residents and creating a destination. The study also offers a comprehensive analysis of the operations and management of the project by suggesting an institutional framework.
To view detailed project report: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qrN28WVLh_ipkvGE8ObqJuO2HHOuF-UA/view?usp=drive_link

Report Content

Understanding Urban Villages and Memnagar Gamthal

Vision and Structure Plan

Trigger Points and Directions of Growth

Design Vision, Objectives and Phases of Intervention

Proposed Plan

Detail Plans and Sections of Designed Plazas

Envisioned Intervention Area and Plazas

Entrance to Synergy Conduit

Pop-Up Plaza – Creating a destination

Transit Plaza – Bus Stop, MyByk Stand and Yulu Stand