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Anwesha Bishnu


Memnagar Gamthal envisioned as a Thriving Youth Hub

Urban villages, termed Gamthals in Gujarat, represent traditional settlements engulfed by urban development yet overlooked by planning. They boast distinct entrances, communal spaces, and intimate social characteristics fostering interaction. Despite neglect, they evolve, integrating with surrounding environments. Memnagar serves as a case study, transitioning from Memonpura to a dynamic urban enclave. Road widenings, infrastructure projects, and gated communities exemplify its evolution amidst urbanization pressures. Understanding the evolution of urban villages sheds light on their resilience and adaptation within rapidly changing urban contexts.

Report Content

The overlooked pockets

Characteristics of Urban Village

Identifying Gamthals in Ahmedabad

Taking Memnagar as a case

Features of the Memnagar gamthal

Structure plan to envision an integrated Gamthal

Market Mosaic: Navigating through an Urban-Rural Continuum

Design intervention 1-Community Junction

Design intervention 2-Market Plaza

Design intervention 3: Multi-functional public pocket