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Ammu Pradeep Kumar


Re-imaging the Urban Village as Transit Arrival Hub & Re

Re-imaging the a Transit-Centric Commercial Urban Village as Transit Arrival Hub & Revitalizing it as an Urban Focal Area. One Prime example ofthis category would be Navarangpura Gam. With proximity to CBD and Old-Highcourt metro intercange,it pose an oppurtunity to transform in a new destination and a modal of MMI. The project aims to seamlessly connect various modes of transportation, including IPT modes through the urban village,thereby penetrating development into the core of the Gamtal. Additionally by extending the existing open public space, known as the Choupal, to include an arrival hub, the project not only enhances connectivity but also leverages private entities to boost the local economy.

Report Content

Urban Villages as a Global Phenomena

Existing site situation of Navarangpura Gam

Vision, Objective and Structure Plan

Individual Project: - Goals, Strategy and Phasing/ Scenarios

Master Plan - Envisioning Navarangpura Gaam as an Arrival Hub

Vision Goal: To CONNECT

Vision Goal: To ENHANCE

Vision Goal: To SUSTAIN

Integration of the Gam with the Ashram Road CBD area