Dagli Mansi Jayeshbhai


Revitalize the Village and a Public Realm

This report explores the phenomenon of urban villages, focusing on their transformation under the pressures of urbanization. It examines these unique communities’ spatial and social characteristics and analyzes responses to their presence in cities worldwide. The relationship between urban villages and their associated lakes is explored, highlighting the impact of urbanization on these ecological features. The report emphasizes the need to envision a future where the lake and village can thrive together and provide a new role for the urban village in the city. It offers a comprehensive analysis of urban villages in Ahmedabad, proposing a framework for their sustainable development and integration into the evolving urban fabric.

Report Content

Site Context

Framework and Structure Plan

Envisioning a new role of urban village

Relation of village and lake

Design strategies

Envisioned Proposed Plan

Character of public realm

Envisioned built form

Character of the street with envisioned built form

Proposed transformation over a period of time