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Arpitha Lakshman


Stimulating Core and Interface- Motera Gam, Ahmedabad

To integrate Motera Gam with the neighbourhood and facilitate the development process, physical and market driven strategies have been created to support transformation in the public and private realm. These include designing streets, institutional and public open spaces as the first step of transformation. Guidelines and policies to incentivitise the residents and encourage transformation have been detailed out that can create changes in built form and activate the existing spaces. At the same time the existing characteristics of the gamtal have been preserved and enhanced with a focus of increasing private realm and adding pedestrian oriented connections. 

Report Content

Site Study and Context

Study and Vision

Guidelines and Area of Intervention

Existing Scenario on Site

Proposed Connections and Gamtal Core

Transforming Gamtal Core

Transformed Institutional and Public Land

Transformed Public Realm in Gamtal

Transformed Views

Phases of Transformation and Stakeholders