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C Anupama


Transformation of Transit Ties - Motera Gam, Ahmedabad

Urban villages are a global phenomenon, transforming through demolition and people-centered approaches. Beijing's Shougang village was included in the Olympics masterplan, while Delhi's Asian games led to the demolition of an urban village, leading to job losses and homeless populations. Governments should integrate urban villages into planning systems through regulations, policies, and schemes. Ahmedabad's urban villages have remained stagnant due to changing surroundings, regulatory issues, TP DP schemes, and GDCR, which affect the transformation of these communities. Motera Gam in Ahmedabad has the potential to transform into a sports institutional hub, attracting new families, and attracting economic evolution with migrant housing developments and active market spaces.

Report Content

Study of Site Context

Overall Structure Plan, Vision, Strategies, and Regulations

Area of Intervention - Vision and Context

Physical Strategies

Transit Street - Before

Transit Street, After

Enhancing Open Spaces

Isometric View

Block Transformation

Stakeholder Analysis and Conclusion