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Simran Dhariwal


Transforming Gam’s Identity into Transit Destination

The metamorphosis of Navrangpura Gam’s identity embodies a comprehensive strategy aimed at revitalizing the community’s perimeters while seamlessly integrating an efficient transit system to establish a bustling transit hub. Through the activation of Navrangpura Gam’s edges and a reimagining of its urban image, this endeavor aims to cultivate social cohesion, stimulate economic dynamism, and fortify connectivity within the locality. The articulated objectives of establishing a Mobility Hub, redefining the gam’s aesthetic narrative, and curating dynamic public spaces converge toward the overarching ambition of positioning Navrangpura Gam as a vibrant urban nucleus. Anchored in the celebration of its cultural heritage and propelled by a spirit of innovation, this initiative endeavors to orchestrate Navrangpura Gam’s transformation into a pulsating urban epicenter. The concept revolves around energizing the surroundings of the gam by infusing it with diverse activities and improving the accessibility of its streets. Through the deliberate removal of compound walls, this design strategy aims to address existing challenges and foster inclusivity within the community. By introducing engaging amenities and enhancing the pedestrian experience, the objective is to promote social interaction, facilitate mobility, and foster a stronger sense of community among residents. This proactive approach to design endeavors to breathe new life into the urban landscape surrounding the gam, creating a vibrant and inviting environment that caters to the diverse needs and preferences of its inhabitants.   

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