CEPT Portfolio is the online platform for CEPT University that celebrates and showcases the best work being produced as a part of the academic and extra-curricular activities of the university.

We publish work by students, academic staff, or visiting faculty done as a part of or related to academic activities. Shortlisted works, selected by the concerned academic staff, is jointly curated by editors of CEPT Portfolio together with the dean of respective faculty and published under these categories:

Projects: Studio work and completed projects selected from each semester

Objects: 3-dimensional work – design, models and prototypes produced during various studio exercises, other courses, workshops, installations, student initiatives etc.

Words: Analytical writing undertaken by students & faculties and profiles/interviews of people visiting CEPT – research papers, publications, interviews, essays etc.

Images: 2-dimensional work – graphics, drawings/sketches, photographs and other visual work produced

By displaying the best work done by the university, this portfolio hopes to celebrate fineness, effort and creativity, and represent the excellent work by the University.

Contact us through portfolio@cept.ac.in


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