Architectural Interpretations

Instructors : Puneet M, Smit V, Antara P, Priyanka K, Sebestian T.
15 June 2017

This course focuses on the fundamentals of architectural place making in relation to the specific nature of architectural representation, and its ability to convey both experiences and meanings. It aims at sensitizing students to imaginative ways of reading/ interpreting human activity and architectural qualities in changing contexts using relevant mediums.


Students were asked to lay emphasis on study and analysis of visual expressions in chosen media, with references and examples, with an intention to develop and sharpen the ability for meaningful representation. One of the important areas of focus within this is on the intangible, non-physical aspects of experiencing built environments. The content derived certain fundamental aspects of experiencing and recording built environments, with an emphasis on their bodily felt and tactile nature. In methodology, along with drawing/ sketching it also concentrates on ways of conceptualizing and representing architectural experiences through critical lens.


One part of the exercises dealt with direct engagement with specific sites/ places/ buildings, which offered an opportunity to engage with the life of the city. The other part combined study and analysis of specific examples and references, through discussions and presentations.

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