Building with Natural Materials

Winter School 2017
Instructor: Biju Bhaskar, Course Assistant: Kruti Shah
18 April 2018

This was a hands-on course that enabled students to imbibe a holistic understanding of natural buildings. The team learned by experimenting, studying and documenting the possibilities of local materials and alternate building techniques. This was made successfully possible by working in collaboration with Thannal Hand Sculpted Homes, a natural building awareness group based in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu.

Students engaged in the making of foundations, cob wall, wattle & daub, bamboo structures, natural plasters and colors, while understanding preparations, procurements, testing, treatments and components. These learnings were then applied, in a hands on fashion, in ongoing projects of Thannal. The learnings were strengthened and deepened with visits to similar buildings throughout the period of the course.


Student Participants: Shivani Patel, Prachi Patel, Kushi Batra, Juhi Morey, Vritika Mujoo, Isha Vidyadhar, Sneha Singh, Suraj Sharada, Juzer Kheraluwala, Faisal Mansuri, Donavan Vianney, Pragati Murathia, Ishani Tanwar, Vignesh Jain.

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