Climate and Culture: Lahore

by Yash Jahaveri and Priyanshu Sharma
Culture and Climate in Built Environment - Instructor: Melissa Smith, Assisted by Mansi Shah
28 July 2014

The goal of this study was to explore the ways a building settlement responds to both climatic and cultural factors, and to find out how these responses are linked. Students analyzed settlements of traditional or vernacular buildings. Analyzing the climate and the context in which the settlement exists, the focus was on the scales of neighborhood and building, locating specific strategies that are particular to the case studies.

This study of Lahore city in Pakistan, studies the city on 3 levels: the city, a neighborhood and communal spaces, and a residential unit. Within these levels, the following discourses are looked into: history, climate, access, and physical attributes like edge conditions and  hierarchy of spaces within the city as well as individual units.

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