Constructing a Geodesic Dome

by: Anand Shah, Rishi Bajaj, Sudarshan Choudhary
With inputs from Professor Sankalpa
20 February 2017

A group of students independently initiated, designed and executed a two meter high Geodesic Dome of second frequency, during the annual festival at the University. The tension and compression members were identified and articulated separately. The fabrication process involved huge precision which in turn helped in assembling the entire structure under three hours. Naturally, the project was a hands on learning experience, sensitizing students to various processes and materials.

The 2V Geodesic Dome was constructed using composite members made out of oak wood and mild steel.

Force and Member design:

The tension and compression members were oriented and articulated in a way that forces were made visible and dynamic in nature. Metal strips were used to connect wooden members to reduce unwanted mass and increase efficiency of design. The strips were twisted at the center to increase moment of inertia, which further helped to achieve a more stable and efficient configuration.