Digital Crafts: Timber Gridshell

SWS 2018
Instructor: Urvi Sheth
30 December 2018

This was 6th workshop in the series of Digital Crafts. These workshops focus on computational design, structural integration, material explorations, digital fabrication and craftsmanship for the construction/assemblies of the designed structure.

During three weeks intensive workshop, this year students worked with Timber to design a game pavilion for people of Ahmedabad. This is a proposed project on Usmanpura Park, Sabarmati Riverfront Ahmedabad. The workshop was conducted in three stages. First, to decode existing timber grid shell structures of various span. Both by literature study as well as by making scale models. Joinery details were made at Scale 1:1 or Scale 1:10 based on the actual size of members in particular projects. Second, acquiring soft skills. Learning Rhinoceros 5.0 and Grasshopper. Third, designing a pavilion using the knowledge and skills acquired in the previous stages.

Input sessions on the technical aspects, game design and material exposure were given on daily basis. Students worked rigorously in small groups. Proposed Pavilion is a 115 sq m area. Due to the limited time and existing skills of the students, generative methods of shell structures using Kangaroo and its analysis using Karamba was omitted. A Scale 1:5 model was made in timber as proof of concept.

The scope of the project beyond Winter school program is an ongoing research which will analyze and optimize structure, selection of appropriate wood specie and construction details. Based on the past experience with clay tiles vault structure, the challenges are similar. It is expected to find solutions to detail structural design, load test and training the craftsman for the construction

Teaching Assistant: Tanveer Khorajiya

Students: Akshat Gupta, Dalvi Priyanka, Charry Mahajan, Pooja Pundeer, Ritika, Palak Patel, Sweta Gupta, Mihir Vasani, Rahul Verma, Shivam Sharma, Shylaja Regunathan, Tejas Gurav