From Landscape to Portrait

by Tzu Hsien
Instructor: Nitin Raje
13 March 2018

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The program is to design a residential campus for a hospitality institute that showcases functions related to hospitality its management, while also serving the needs of students, teachers and staff. At the same time, the aim was to make a project that sutures the fragmentation of natural environment while enhancing the commercial needs of a city.

The site program allows 50 % of the area for an ecosystem consisting of wetlands, grasslands, orchards and forested areas. The program seeks to use parts of these areas for farming to serve the own food need 35% area is allotted for outdoor space which includes sports facilities and recreational facilities. 15 % of the area is allotted for educational and residential facilities.

The site is 15.000 sq.m of land beside the Govardhan Sagar lake in the city of Udaipur that is a major tourist destination and has generated a host of hospitality services.

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In the proposed design, the campus shall provide spaces that are highly specific in usage as well as spaces that could be used adaptively as per circumstance, creating an environment that is dynamic with various activities concurrently in progress, Here it will be possible for students, teachers and staff to perform and learn the dignified ways that define the hospitality industry.

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