Future Cities and Technology

by Kinara Patel, Pooja Chabbara, Mihir Patel, Shreyash Nandanwar, Nidhi Shah, Neha Kashyap,Arpit Jain, Jinal Shah, Kinjal Sakaria, Shiwani Madhogaria, Ayushi Jangalwa
Instructor: Dr. Gayatri Doctor
14 June 2018

Rapid expansion, increasing citizen expectations, and the need to drive economic growth through cities are placing huge demands on city authorities to create reliable, cost-effective and sustainable infrastructure. Due to these challenges, cities of the future have started working on managing the urban infrastructure and buildings the smart way. From understanding open data, smart technologies, this course has explored how cities around the world and in India are using technology.

Through this course, students learn to analyze how social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc are shaping the cities of tomorrow. It also explores the role of technologies like the Internet of Things, Big Data, Blockchain and Robotics in future cities and the challenges faced in their implementation.

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