Make in Plastic

Summer School 2018
Instructor: Juzar Shabbir Lanewala
21 June 2018

In this Summer School course, students began with the most important step of learning to classify waste plastic based on their physical and chemical properties. They were then introduced to methods of processing and remoulding segregated plastic into building blocks, which can be used as primary structural material.

Students developed innovative designs incorporating architectural, engineering, and sustainability views through a collaborative design-research project. The machines used to shred and remould waste plastic was also developed during the course. 


Student Participants: Trivedi Shashank Kapilrai, Shivani Pandey, Modi Aakash, Gandhi Dishant, Kunal Sanadhya, Prajapati Rinkal, Roshni Jain, Sudarshan Choudhary, Siddhant Patni, Payal Vaswani, Sardhara Dhaval, Shah Ratnam Kaushal, Hritwik Kant, Akshat Shah, Alankrati Saxena, Jaydev Parikh, Ashni Jain,  Foram Panchal, Kirti Rathod, Prateek Verma. 

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