Measure Drawing in Fontainhas

Winter School 2017
Instructor: Sankalpa
16 May 2018

Fontainhas in Panjim Goa is built on an alluvial stretch along the Ourem Creek to the east and the low hill of Altinho in Panjim on the west side. This historic precinct gets its name from the famous ‘Fonte- Fenix’ and Fontainhas means ‘little Fountain’ in Portuguese. This region has homes set very close to each other and they continue to retain the colorful elegance that they were built in the 18th and 19th century. The area of study stretched from the St. Thomas Chapel (Sao Tome Chapel) near the Panjim post office till the St. Francis Xavier chapel at Portais.

Spaces in a typical House 

Of the houses selected for study, a number of them had retained their function of being homes, however many were re-purposed to function as commercial spaces such as cafes, schools, museums, and hotels. Some of them were also in a state of disrepair owing to the inability of the owners to maintain them in their original state.

While adaptive reuse and appropriate interventions, including the much-needed support of essential services in contemporary times, appear to have saved this old quarter of the city from decay, it is interesting to note, that, so far, the vernacular character of this settlement has distinctly retained its quaint nature in spite of the commercial pressures of any urban space.

Elements and Materials

St Francis Xavier Chapel Batlem



Exploded Axonometry

Casa Dias

Wall Section

Truss Details

Exploded Axonometry

Mr Roy’s Residence 

Front Elevation

Exploded Axonometry

Surlakar House












Section AA’                                                                                                         Wall Section

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