Mimesis: A Landscape Intervention

by Swayamprakash Mohanty and Raj Aditi
Landscape Architecture Studio I - Instructors: Divya Shah and Anjali Jain
25 July 2014

The exercise required us to select a location within CEPT campus, study and understand the character and composition of its space.  
We selected a location in the North Lawns and studied the constant and temporal attributes of the selected location, those induced by human as well as natural ones.

After analyzing and mapping the area, we described the space through and adjective and came up with a three dimensional representation of both the space and the adjective.


Inspirations- Ants World: Sculpting, Depth, Fathomage ; and Erosion: Sculpting, Disintegration, Abrasion

We studied the topography, possible pedestrian movement pattern, hydrology and vegetation typology of the area. Water bearing capacity of soil in five different locations in the North Lawns was studied. Three readings were taken per location to understand the conditions of loose and hard soil and the existing issue of water logging at particular points. Location 5 conveys loose soil with high water bearing capacity and water logged condition.

After studying the variety of weeds in respect to the location they grow, we proposed series of mounds that channel the flow of water thus streamlining and emphasizing natural growth of weed.

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