Programmable Smart Materials

Summer School 2018
Instructor: Abhishek Sorampuri
21 June 2018

Through this course, based on programmable smart materials and their computation, participants explored and gained an understanding about materials that can be programmed for use in interactive spaces and facades. Students got an opportunity to do hands-on programming, prototyping using smart materials, their fabrication and working assembly detailing. 

Students produced the following prototypes:

Deployable CanopyThis involved the development of a parametric structure that expands and contracts to a desired volume or shape.

Octogonal Flasher SpinnerThis was intended as a large span roof or canopy and was inspired by origami models. The canopy was programmed to shrink or flare out, based on the amount of light to be allowed into the space.

WaveThis was an interactive ceiling prototype that was designed to catch and respond to the movements underneath it.

Students name: Fahad zuberi, Janani v,  S.rajnarayan, Kamra garima, Patel dhaval, Aditya setalvad, Arshit dhruv, Aashir khan, Mehta pujal s, Patel yash, Alankrati saxena, Shreya Surabhi, Richa rajesh gupta, Aditya bhavesh shroff, Ankhi  Nandi, Pradhip nil ravi, Swetlana  chandra,  Daksh abhay  hirani, Nirav arun upadhyay, Shyam amit samani,  Shaiba   tariq  siddiqui

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