The Tea Story of Assam

Winter School 2017
Instructor: Debasish Borah
7 March 2018

This winter school course attempts to capture the essence of the lives of people associated with organic tea farming and producing teas in small household units. As step one, students were exposed to various methods and processes of film-making. This was followed by tours of tea gardens and factories. After an initial exposure, they were asked to prepare questionnaires and storyboards that helped them get started with the shoot. Students went to small home-based factories and homes of selected people to shoot interviews. The next phase was devoted to the editing table, editing the entire film in 2 days’ time.

It was a special learning experience to live in a small Assamese village, close to the tea gardens, experiencing the life of tea growers, their struggles with everyday life and their undaunting spirit that would fight against all odds to sustain and grow their small business. The course was concluded with students screening the film for the local tea growers and other local citizens. It was received with much enthusiasm and locals hoped that ‘the film become their voice’ that reaches many across the world.


Student participants - Smruti Ranjan Panigrahi, Lalnunmawia, Aditi Tiwari, Saifee Abdulquadir Zainulabedin, Gandhi Axaykumar Chandresh, Jacob Baby, Jane Thomas Kalaparampil, Payel Mallick, Mayur Bargal, Shah Meet Satishkumar, Vaghela Satish Vallabhbhai, Agaria Sadik Salimbhai, Harsh Panchal, Kavan Berawala, Makwana Ravikumar Sureshbhai, Nishi Lal, Sjah Grishma Jayesh, Mashumi Dave


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