Urban Management for Moto Suthar Wado Pol

by Anshul Agrawal, Himadri Panchal, Nidhi Shah, Kajal Thakkar, Saswata Kolay
Instructors: Manvita Baradi, Nimitt Karia, Devanshu Pandit
30 April 2018

The subject of Facility Management encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, processes and technology. Facilities Management focuses on basic concepts under the categories of hard services and soft services. The study helps to understand and acquire the skill sets, knowledge and abilities required to effectively perform the work required to achieve the desired result.

This studio enabled students to gain an in-depth understanding of facilities management, the process of identification of issues, finding solutions and drafting a proposal. To arrive at a thorough understanding of the problems and issues, a questionnaire was prepared. After which, pilot site visits to Safal Vihaan, Sarkhej Roza, IIM were carried out from the perspective of facilities management and issues identification.

Facilities management of Moto Suthar Wado Pol was the primary area of focus during the semester. Issues were worked out based on surveys and observations. The major issues identified were related to ground maintenance, fire safety, tin roofing in houses, parking management, transport and connectivity to the pol. All these were studied in detail and a management plan was made for three years. A Pol Committee was formed to facilitate the proposals and to manage the activities. Students are confident that this proposal, if accepted, can bring significant improvements to the quality of life prevalent in Motosuthar wado pol.

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