Work and Play

by: Aditya Ghiya
Instructors: Aparajeeta Basu, Catherine Desai
9 March 2018

Hypothesizing that the number of students at CEPT will soon increase dramatically and that this will exert pressure on every activity that takes place on campus, students were led to imagine a context in which there would be intense competition to find space for both work and play. Also, life at CEPT means one is expected to adhere to a strict timetable and adapt to a packed schedule. This brings with it the need for ‘pockets of time and space’ to unwind, which creates an opportunity for a space that is cross-programmed to allow Work and Play to co-exist.

A study of the campus has highlighted underutilized areas in the CEPT library. In our near future scenario, reading has become an activity not seen to require a specific allocation of space. While the book stacks remain untouched, a frozen reminder of an earlier age, the spaces formerly used for reading will be re-allocated to other functions of benefit to the campus population.

The programs chosen for the cross programming of work and play were a scooter servicing center (given that scooter is a popular mode of travel for a high percentage of students) and a rock wall for climbing, respectively. The marriage of these two diverse programs gave birth to a highly functional system operating in the existing quadrant of the library complex.

The resultant space gives the visitor a linear journey from the mysterious and dark basement III to the busy and lit atrium of the second floor; which is the heart of the cross-program.