Aishwarya Rishitha Nagireddy



The first semester focused on developing drawing and representation skills. Continuing in a similar vein, during the second semester, the CFP Studio component focuses on building analytical abilities. Exercises like mapping and data representation engage with on-ground reality, requiring that the students develop their ability to observe, collect data and analyse it, as well as communicate and represent it meaningfully; building elements and materials allows for initial familiarization with these, theoretically as well as through observation of built spaces around; while making and testing structures uses hands-on experience to enable conceptual understanding. Technical drawing II builds on the skills imbibed initially and develops them towards further complexity. All the exercises find their culmination in tackling a design problem, which brings together the skills and abilities while introducing the students for the first time to the design process. These skills will be put to use during L2 studios, and will be discussed in their relevance to the professional practice that designers, architects and urban planners engage in.

Report Content

Reflection Of A Locale: Through The Eyes Of An Insider.

Understanding The Coming Through Of a Wall Using Section As Explanatory Means.

Model Making: Simple Structures Bearing Loads

Loading Of Gradual Weights

Inference On The Cause Of Breakage

Plan For Technical Drawing 2

Section AA' For Technical Drawing 2

Rendered Plan View Showing Various Activities In Spaces

Vistarana: A Potters Home Resultant Of Structural Evolution From Nature

Vistarana: Technical Drawings To Further Explain The Ideology Behind The Abode