Yashraj Nayak



The Monsoon Semester of the CEPT Foundation Programme inculcates foundational design skills through sequential exercises focused on perfecting freehand and perspective drawing, visualizing and drawing complex compositions. Students learn to make technical drawings using orthographic projections, surface development and exploded views of complex objects; develop the skill of estimating sizes and begin to engage with anthropometrics. Ordering principles, colour theory, imaginative drawing and deciphering and interpreting styles help them develop more complex skills. Alongside, parallel exercises focus on describing objects and presenting their own work in writing, while guest speaker lectures offer exposure to other disciplines.

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This work showcases handmade pixelation of a colourful sheet. And the it also shows the coloured assemblages.

this sheet showcases the complex assemblages made during freehand drawing

this highlights the exploded view of all the parts in a spray gun.

this sheet showcases the birdhouse and the poster made during deciphering exercises.

this is the final sketch of the imaginary drawing exercise which is made digitally.

this showcase the digital collages made.

these are some of the highlights of sketches made digitally and manually.

this shows the plans and sections of my house measured by using gauging tools only.

this shows the handmade models made out of technically drafted sheets.