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Tanvi Jagdish Karia


Patterns to Patronage: Hutheesing Family and Panjrapol

Our journey of penning down the ‘Architectural biography of Panjrapol neighbourhood’ was divided into three modules, each pushing us to observe, investigate, perceive and infer. The first module focused on deconstructing the built environment of Panjrapol using archival data, maps and existing photographs. The second module focused on articulating our thoughts and ideas into written form through reflections and journaling. Module three focused on developing a timeline of architectural transformation in Panjrapol. The topic – ‘From Patterns to Patronage’ focuses specifically on the Hutheesing Family of Panjrapol. It traces the evolution of their patronage, architectural interventions and influence on the neighbourhood. 

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Decoding Maps

Looking at Havelis

Jain Institutions of Panjrapol

Reflection and Journaling

Blog Posts

Blog Post

Exploring Connections through Mind Maps and Questions

Consolidation of Ideas and Questions

Developing a Narrative of Transformation

Final Essay - Abstract and Outline