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Priyanka Arjunsingh Baghel


Architectural Conservation - Nagarjuna Bhawan, Jamnagar

Nagarjuna Bhawan, originally one of the first women's hospitals in Jamnagar, is currently a part of the ITRA as an institute building. On entering the campus, the colonial structure stands significantly as a symbolic identity of the institute, in spite of being partially abandoned after the 2001 earthquake. Its surroundings offer informal buffer spaces for the users of the campus and thus the proposal aims to extend the identified values through the abandoned spaces inside the building. By its adaptive reuse into a cafeteria with an interpretative theme, the building will sustain enhanced social relevance and create heritage awareness. 

Report Content

Site Introduction & Historical Timeline

Site Context & Analysis

Documentation of Site, Terrace & Structural Analysis

Documentation of Ground Floor & Spatial Analysis

Documentation of Elevation & Sections

Vegetation Growth Assessment & Structural Interventions

Values Assessment & Proposal Brief

Proposed Site Plan

Proposed Floor Plan

Proposed Sections & Views

Project Video