Shah Kanxa Herick


Urban Activators

 Ahmadabad city has a unique condition with a strong, elegant fort wall on one hand and the river with the new riverfront development on the other. Fort wall on one side is the most striking element of past. Fort wall was a back to the no perennial river Sabarmati. Current situation after the new riverfront development have changed. The river is celebrated. The river is an important element of the city. All newer development are looking towards the river. This puts the wall in an ambiguous condition. This makes the wall a barrier. Hence an architectural jester along the wall can act as an connection. Connection in physical as well as through time. When one moves along the wall touches it,can re-imagine he past. While physically makes the two city connect .

Report Content

Exercise 1: invisible city illustration

Exercise 2: case study -Suncheon Art Pavilion

Exercise 3: Interpretation centre - Gandhi labour institute

Exercise 4: design pavilion-site plan


iso view top



front view

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