Tanna Karan Rajeshkumar


A Crack That Stitches

This project explores the notion of crack for a design proposal for a cemetery and a memorial to the COVID Pandemic on the island of Poveglia near Venice. A crack separates and disconnects but at the same time helps uncover a latent layer of entities buried under the surface. In this proposal “Crack” acts as a connective tissue tying various programs on the site. A crack results from the shifting of tectonic plates. It’s a window to our past and helps us to conserve the idea of memory and loss that the current pandemic poses to each of us. 

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Report Content

Site, Concept Development and References

Spatial Features and Strategies

Diagram, Site and Part Details

Site Layout and Sections

Memorial and The Bridge

Plaza, Amphitheatre and Ferry Terminal

Cemetery and Tranquil Space

Interventions in Existing Buildings

Cafe Building and Multi-faith Chapel

Views from Various Points