The 2 Narratives ; A Museum of Pandemics

This project is stationed on the idea of understanding the relation between architectural object – time – event through the intersection of visual and physical journeys. The idea was to create spatial and fictional narratives of the 2 timelines ; Site History (Physical Context) and History of pandemics (Global Context), such that these curated paths collide at various points to generate event zones and anchor points in the project. The site can be seen as a large historical landscape with these ‘anchor points’ reinvigorating a sense of place. Negotiating with the old, the new and the in-between, the museum of pandemics has been housed between these superimposed layers of history, time, event and movement in the form of architectural phrases formed though a set framework of design.

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Report Content

01. Poster Making Exercise. 02. Introduction to the Site. 03. Understanding the program/ Project Brief

Conceptual Development

Design Parameters

Design Parameters / Site Plan

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Part Dwgs/ Rendered Views