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Anushka Abhay Poddar


The Meandering Retreat- Artist's Residence at Jodhpur

The Meandering Retreat at Jodhpur is a residence for the Artist couple and their daughter, along with studio and homestay. Responding to the climatic issues in Jodhpur of harsh overhead sun and hot winds, consciously spaces have been designed incorporating passive strategies for cooling and shading. Architecturally, the inspiration was to create an experience of meandering streets of Jodhpur. Hence, spaces have been divided and connected by street and courtyards. Spaces facing the west are mainly shielded by buffer spaces and hot air is driven out by the cavity walls acting as stack vents. While the spaces facing east open towards the waterbody which also defines an edge to the form. Large roof areas have been tackled by creating accessible terrace gardens at different levels or having AAC block slab sprinkled with water. Some inclined roofs have solar panels which help in shading as well as energy generation.

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