Gurram Koushik Varma


A String of Katli Wadll - Space for common

A lung space becoming a medium to connect the existing green pockets, with the potential to enhance lifestyle of the community. 
The site is situated in an urban setting of Kirathalem, in the south district of Goa with a tight-knit build fabric engulfing the three acres space, which currently serves as a playground for its community. These communities inherit their ancestral properties and live under the rustic clay burnt tiled roofs which are mostly single-stored and are overseen by high rise buildings in the vicinity. Within the communities there are internal pathways otherwise used as parking spaces or veranda to greet visitors or as seating spaces adjacent to the roads as well, at the time of feasts and processions these internal pathways play an important role as they connect every house of the ward, these internal roads are used to move within the wards resulting in easy of traffic movement on the main road. The open space is used for various activities, Joggers and walkers can be seen in the morning hours along with few children who are sports enthusiasts, later during the day, it is reserved for school activities which is in the close proximity of the site, in the evening a large number of people of different age groups come to relax and indulge into various activities such as running, playing, exercising and walking making the site very lively.
Adjacent to the site on the south there is a Naala which is made over a period of time as the settlements grew, to carry sewage into the wetland across the road which was earlier used for Agricultural purposes, the Naala also passes by a coconut grove which is on the North east corner of the site. However, the site is perceived of having potential to become a median that connects existing green surroundings to the wetland and enhance biodiversity as well as lifestyle of people.

Report Content

Location and Larger context of 400 for study area

Micro climate and Existing site condition

Mapping of daily activities in the community

Cultural connect

Identification and Methods of Interaction with stakeholders

Development of program on basis of community interaction also leading to project vision

Finalizing zoning option | Circulation pattern

Conceptual planting with plant species depending on different spaces of site

Integration of each space with one another

Detailed area with material specification and Detailed sections