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Tvara Sharma


BONDING GROUNDS - A Landmark, Two paths and a Node

The Dussehra ground, in Vasant Kunj area of New Delhi has an interesting diversity of cultural, economic, and social backgrounds in it's users for whom the community space is to be designed. The diversity increases the scope and challenges of making the planned space functional and meaningful while at the same time being inclusive for all the people of different backgrounds living in and around the site. The site is situated on the Abdul Gaffar Marg in front of Vasant Square Mall in South Delhi. It is currently used as a celebration ground for Dussehra and is most active during the festival. Most of the barren clear land of the site is presently used by kids for playing cricket and football during the day and the more dense area of the site with wild vegetation growth experiences group gatherings and gambling activities during the evening time. Present-day condition is very poor with open dumping of garbage to drainage issues on site. Fixing the existing problems and providing recreational open space for shopkeepers and buyers is a necessity for the central market area. The design of the community space is inclusive of all these parameters and acts as a place that connects one and all to a peaceful, fun and tranquil experience within an urban woodland promoting ecological sustainability with an art district for social recreation.

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Report Content

Reading Cultural Narratives

Site Analysis - Micro Climate Study

Site Analysis - Mental Mapping

Community and Stakeholders Engagement

Crafting Spaces and Connections

Conceptual Explorations

Final Design Resolution -Masterplan Proposal

Final Design Resolution - Site Plan Proposal

Final Design Resolution - Site Sections l Elevations

Final Design Resolution - Design Details