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Rituparna Sengupta


Merging Memories | Rekindling Nexus to Nature

Kolkata, the Cultural Capital of India, is a melting pot of different cultures and communities. The city has been expanding since Independence due to the migration. One of the first community to settle in this city was the Chinese during the British Rule when Tangra became the second Chinatown of the city. Tangra, which was once a part of East Kolkata Wetlands, is now a concrete jungle with high-rise buildings and luxurious hotels. It became a place where people of diverse cultures lives together. The project aims to create an open space for the people around, providing them with various socio-cultural activities to interact with, connecting people to nature and creating a space to bring back the memories of their origin.

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Report Content

History of the City

Immediate Context and The Communities

Identification of Stakeholders and Community Interactions

Programming the Site

Zoning and Proposed Activities

Master Plan

Master Plan | Movement Plan

Detail Plan | Spill Out Zone

Detail Plan | Market and Food Plaza