V Amruta


Reaping the reserve

Farmer’s markets in cities are not only convening points for the urban and rural sectors, but also hold potential for being a gathering point, for the neighborhood it is a part of. It thus gives rise to a unique set of stakeholders, who belong to either of the sections, both being largely dependent on the smooth functioning of the site as well as the neighborhood. Thus, due to the strong interdependencies between the neighborhood fabric and the socio-cultural background of the site stakeholders, the design of the open space in a community should not only aim to improve its existing functions, but should also introduce new functions that positively impact the larger context. The project would thus attempt to develop a community space, which can help resolve key issues in the densely populated neighborhood promoting interaction and wellbeing amongst the stakeholders.  

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Report Content

Site context and analysis

Cultural connections

Site documentation

Synthesis of stakeholder interaction

Goals and strategies I

Goals and strategies II

Zoning options

Masterplan and design synthesis

Market and Performance area: Detailed plans

Market and Performance area: Detailed Sections and Visualizations