Ann Rachel Saji


Under the Raintree

Fort Kochi, which has a long promenade along the Kochi lake and the vast open space near to it, is a historic city with a vibrant identity. There are many ethnic communities settled around the site. The contributions of colonial rules remain as streets, building and elements such as Chinese fishing nets. The place now undergoes development that deteriorates its historical and cultural significance. The project is looking at the vast open space, the nearby promenade and Nehru park, which is a community open space and a thoroughfare to the ferry and tries to regain the lost value of the site through design.

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Report Content

Site Introduction, Site context and Visual documentation

Historical context of the site, Study of art and culture and Community study

Site Analysis - Larger context, Infrastructure and Microclimate

Site Analysis - Built forms and Ecology

Site Analysis - Study of fauna and Activity mapping

Stakeholder identification and synthesis of interaction

Synthesis of site analysis and Vision

Concept and Zoning

Final Design Resolution - Masterplan and Design thinking

Final Design Resolution - Sections and views