Gurram Koushik Varma


Infrastructure Is to Nature

A clean, healthy and well protected environment, supporting a sustainable society and wild life! isn’t that great to protect and improve the environment as a valuable asset? yes it does to me! The project “Infrastructure is to Nature” deals with a stream which use to be perineal and feed the river Sabarmati, the catchment of the stream has been cut and modified due to which the wild life habitat has been disturbed and made the stream sessional as a result of urban development. Hence the aim is to achieve full catchment of the stream by sustainable methods and to reconnect the wild life habitat which once existed along with the proposed development. In this project, the construction of road which was proposed in development plan 2020, in view of US president Donald trump’s visit to inaugurate Motera stadium, the road was laid out without considering the water passage. Finally, the roads were built and culverts were not in place for the flow of water making the stream impounded. In view of all these existing factors the approach towards site has been carefully intended to address the same and the set objectives are attained.

Report Content

Study of Ahmadabad hydrology and Catchment of streams feeding Sabarmati. Mapping of activities on the streams Jotting of animals spotting with help of locals

Prominent issues seen on site.

Listing of other problems on site through site survey. SWOT Analysis

Defining of site for demonstration of proposal, taking major conflicts as parameters and road as boundary.

For creating awareness about the stream human interaction is essential so stream water is bought into the park and is further treated for human interaction and is given back to the stream. Zoning is over laid on proposed DP 2021.

50 m Green Corridor is created for existing fauna present on site. Seasonal variation of existing and proposed is shown. Graphical demonstration of water taken from stream and human interaction in park as well as animals having their own water is shown.

The site is selected based on accessibility, and seasonal stream. The idea is to protect and use seasonal stream water in monsoon. The green corridor has thick plantation of thorny species along the residential zone for refraining animal conflict with humans.

Intervention of park, retaining existing flora and introduction of native evergreen species. Along with various spaces for all age groups,maintain harmony and balance.

Various activities in park

Contribution of park to environment, justifying studio brief "Designed Ecology"