Ann Rachel Saji


Re-imagining Makarba

 Makarba Lake, a natural depression which has turned into a huge water body, plays a vital role in the ecology of the place, in the life of the local residents and also adds value to the nearby heritage site – Sarkhej Roza. Over the years, Makarba Lake and its surroundings have undergone changes in many aspects – land use, catchment area, and the relationship it has with Sarkhej Roza etc. The village Makarba was once in the outskirts of the city, which now falls into the AUDA and AMC boundary. This clearly represents the urban growth. The rapid development, urban sprawl and lack of proper town planning have imposed urbanisation pressure on the Lake and the lake edges. The project tries to address the ecological issues the Lake faces now and propose a functional, aesthetic and sustainable design solution which would help in the purification of the lake water, revival of Sarkhej Roza and also betterment of the future city. 

Report Content


History of Makarba and Sarkhej

Site analysis - the larger context, water calculation

Site analysis - site photos and land use map

Levels and sections

Inferences from the calculations and Case studies

Case studies

Area of intervention, TPS and DP

Zoning and Conceptual master plan

Mood board and project outcomes