Mabel Annie Biju


Reclaim Reconnect Resonate

Charnockite Quarries
 Midland Hillocks of Pathanamthitta
The hillocks of Pathanamthitta are known for their plantations, evergreen and moist deciduous forests and rich biodiversity. The increasing number of charnockite quarries has completely altered the undulated terrain of the midlands and left large craters. Post extraction, these quarries are abandoned. The project aims to reclaim three quarries during and post exploitation to reconnect it with the plantation belt that it is located in, adjacent forest, fauna and people. Post reclamation, the site would become an oasis for endemic flora and fauna and hence becoming a crucial patch in the entire plantation belt. The site also has the potential to become a part of a larger system of reclaimed or abandoned quarries that will act as a network of forest habitats in the plantation belt.

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Reclaim Reconnect Resonate

Regional context | Pathanamthitta

Eidetic photomontage | First impression | The hillocks of Pathanamthitta are being cut into half with large manmade escarpments being created for the extraction of charnockite. The extraction of charnockite has completely altered the ecology of the area and made the surrounding areas inhabitable.

Charnockite Quarries and site introduction

Site activity, observations and character

Analysing systems and arriving at a vision statement

Reclaim | Phase 1 and 2

Reconnect Resonate | conceptual development

Landscape Masterplan

Design interventions