P Madhoolika


Resilience Through Regeneration

Crafting an Urban Forest in Bangalore: 

Between the bustling city and the fertile village lies a fragile and frequently exploited landscape: the rural-urban fringe. The 390-acre Avalahalli forest, at the northern fringes of Bangalore, is a forest in disarray: dry, mismanaged and degrading. However, Avalahalli has potential to transform into the largest green open spaces in Bangalore, providing essential recreational and ecosystem services.

This project aims to regenerate a degraded urban forest through ecologically sound practices of master planning and development guidelines. The outcome of this project would be a multi-phased proposal, addressing accessibility, vegetation, water, and soil management. It would re-establish a connection with nature and potentially act as a catalyst for future development.

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Report Content

Introduction to Avalahalli Forest and Surrounding Context

Analysis of Green Open Spaces in the City

Investigation of the Present Site Conditions and Existing Vegetation

Site Information, Analysis and Data Interpretation from Site Study

Concept Ideations of Decisions to be Taken On Site

Development of Zoning, Design Programme and Vision Statement

Master Plan and Entrance Area Detailed Plan, with Sectional Details

Proposed Vegetation Plan and Management Guide

Vegetation Management Strategies

Vegetation Management Strategies | Conclusion and Impacts of Project