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Aswin Joshy


PRAGATI : Redefining Power and Accessibility for Women

Pragati means progress and the project Pragati aims at creating spaces and spatial conditions which can give women the accessibility to spaces while exploring themselves through the available opportunities in the neighborhood. The project initially aims at creating accessibility to spaces that women usually feel unsafe and further taking those spaces itself as the path makers to create their own spatial markers in the neighborhood. Pragati in its longer run also aims at bringing in and inspiring even the younger generation, to show that while spaces give power and accessibility, power is not a monotonous process. 

Link to Complete Portfolio:

Report Content

From Learnings and speculations to identifying the potential.

Observing the community through mapping space usage.

Developing the Design Strategy.

Phase I: Women’s Gathering and Conducting Wall Art.

Phase II: Cooking Exhibition and Tea stall

Phase III: Tiffin Centre And Enterprise Run and Led By Women.

Design Development: Deriving Spatial Qualities.

Plans and Section of the Tiffin Centre.

Views from the model of Tiffin Centre.

Future Progress and Impact.