Nitinkumar Kademani


Forest Conservatory

The project is set in the idea of meshwork, as discussed by Manuel deLanda. It investigates the elements and forces involved in the complex network of life cycles in the Champaner site. The region has an endogenous ability to regenerate life periodically. 
The architectural project intends to provide for the study and research of this meshwork. It also harnesses the hygroscopic abilities of wood veneers on the conservatory skin. Thereby, the project comes to life in continually responding to the climatic conditions. The super-structure as well as an aqueduct support in channeling the water  to the pool inside the conservatory.

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Report Content

Ecotone Illustration. Interpretation of the Patna Opium Factory. Hyperspace; hypercube- Tesseract.

Premise of the project

Aqueduct and tentacles. Superstructure making the conservatory.

External skin of the conservatory. Hygroscopic cells.

Floor levels. Shaft. Elevator core and staircase. Structure for the research facility.

Plans: Pier. Admin and reception.

Plans: UV-A UV-B labs. Geology and botany labs.

Plans: Leisure and lounges. Library, kitchen and dining. Sections and d

Sections and detailed views of the conservatory.

Sections and detailed views of the conservatory. Temporal illustration of the project and the recovery.