Deepak Khandelwal


Artisans school of building construction

The mapping of Bedla village near the Udaipur city reveals a drift from the use of traditional construction material in the locality. It reflects a concern for a significant decline in the use of the same because of its decreasing viability in today’s time. At the same time, the underpayment of the artisans of construction industry in the country adds to the graveness of the situation. Therefore, the proposed Artisans School of Building Construction will not only deal with contemporary integration of local materials in the present time but also work to provide dignity and value to the artisans.

Report Content

Reading, Questioning, Interpreting


Modelling and Modulating system

Structural mode (1:10 scale)

Space material and interaction and accommodating structure

System Assembly

Architectural drawings

Wall Sections-Elevation and views

Window mechanism and Sectional perspective.

Interior view - work shop area