Tushar Rajkumar


Shangoi : Realism to social issues

Manipur has witnessed innumerable conflicts for years. In the process, society has suffered, and as a consequence, the people while trying to cope with their problems are unable to come together in one platform to sort out their common problems and find remedies. This is due to the lack of providing a suitable and convenient platform particularly at local levels and under state institutions. In such a broken society what it requires is to develop a new social infrastructure either run by locality or private or public (state govt.) or PPP Model (Public, Private Partnership) to bring social stability with a different outlook. 
To remedy social problems require the meeting of minds of the cross-section of the community, that means, spaces to share problems, views, express opinions and find amicable & consensus solutions. 

'Shangoi': a traditional structure prevalent in Manipur, which functions as a social hub. 

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Reading, Questioning, Interpreting an Architectural Response

Modulating system

Context plan

Accommodating Structure & Enclosure Systems

Structural form model

System assembly - bearing system

Part elevation & Part section

Corner condition

Sectional pespective

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