Priyanka Arjunsingh Baghel


Past to Possible

The studio was aimed to illustrate the theoretical aspects of conservation and the technical framework under which it is carried out. It has been divided into  the following various modules in an orderly manner to represent the stages of an on-field conservation project : 
1. Documentation for built Heritage2. Analysis, Interpretation and Value Assessment 3. Understanding Traditional building materials 4. Structural Conservation5. Key Texts in Conservation6. Ethics in Conservation.The connection and the ability to develop an approach to deal with any conservation dilemma can be seen building up through the various assignments of each module.  

Report Content

Documentation of Built Heritage

Urban Analysis - Cities in Evolution

Building Analysis

Value Assessment and Interpretation

Traditional Building Materials

Structural conservation

Structural conservation - case study

Strengthening of Foundation - case study

Key Texts in cnservation

Ethics in conservation