Shah Yash Jigarbhai



Aashram housing:  Aashram housing is situated at the riverfront near Gandhi Aashram in Ahmedabad. The design intents to create a neighborhood that suits the regional context most. Morarji Desai Memorial acts as an open space in the design. Different edges are designed for different purposes such as urban plaza, parking, and view site at the river edge. Vehicular movement is limited to the periphery only. The design includes small clusters with different scale of open and semi-open collective and private spaces. The staircases act as small talk generator. Each floor has private and collective open spaces. Trees are for climate benefits and shading for open space.

Report Content

Book Review and Neighborhood Studies

Installation and Collage

Site and Massing Exploration through Models

Site Master-plan and Exploration Models

Design Strategies and Spatial Sketches

Plans and Sections

Rendered Views-I

Rendered Views-II

Rendered Views-III