Shah Kanxa Herick



As the world is moving towards a sustainable future, it is necessary to rethink the use of conventional building materials. An approach towards sustainable and low-cost housing is in the need of the hour. The Shipping Container is one such potential building material that boasts of good structural quality, can be recycled easily and is universally available. The structural and dimensional understanding of container are essentially being considered. Creating different spaces and elements by the arrangements of the container was explored. Creating cargotecture house for workers community as quickly and low cost is the requirement of the workers living under a corrugated metal sheet. Understanding the user group and their needs as workers either stay alone away from their villages or have migrated with their family. It provides the facility in different options of DORM, STUDIO APPARTMENTS or 2BHK house depending on the need.. 

Report Content

Structural and dimensional understanding of a container

Site understanding

Visualization through sketches

Site plan and model views

site level understanding

cluster plan ground

Cluster plan

Unit typology - 2BHK house

Unit typology - Studio appartment

Unit typology - Dorm