Shreshtha Waghray



From a humble origin as a small town in 1951, Hyderabad has developed to become one of India's fastest growing metropolises. Hyderabadis by nature are very hospitable, friendly and generous, and take immense pride in their local dialect called Hyderabadi Hindi. The project revolves around Baathakhaani, the idea of gossip and interaction which dates back to the Baithak culture of Hyderabad. Baithaks were chabutras or raised platforms prominently located outside the houses, used for these never ending discussions. The project attempts to enhance this culture through unstructured ideas of interaction and play, reinterpreting the Baithaks.

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Image of the city

Site Analysis

Calendarizing the program

Translating identity to form

Crafting the structural organization

Crafting an experiential design intervention

Collating a material palette

Collating the planting structure and palette